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11 Ways to Help the Most Effective Adaptation Cats

How to help cat adaptation - When you buy a cat do you ever mind if your cat needs adjustment to the new environment? This adjustment is very important and should not be underestimated. When a cat is cats accustomed to the old environment then he must be faced with a new situation of course it becomes difficult times for him. Therefore, to make it comfortable, help the cat for adaptation. Same with humans, some are adaptable but some are not adaptable.

Ways to Help the Most Effective Adaptation Cats
Ways to Help the Most Effective Adaptation Cats

Who can not adapt to the new environment will certainly be depressed and stressful. If it is stress required special handling required for the cat to be healthy again. Check out how to help the adaptation cat the following:

Pet cargo or Closed Box

How to help the first cat adaptation is to put it in a closed pet cargo or box. It is useful to make the cat be comfortable on the way. If the cat is not comfortable on the way the cat will be stressed. Shocks experienced during the trip can make a cat become traumatized. Make fresh air in cats and see as often as possible. When you bring a cat with a car do not turn on the music that is too loud because it will make a cat to be surprised. Cats are also there who do not like the noise so it will feel disturbed when hearing the music that clanking loudly.

Space Isolation

How to help the next cat adaptation is to use the isolation room. When you get home, you can immediately put the cat in the isolation room. Do not immediately put it in the cage because the cat still needs adjustment. Let the cat be there until the cat is willing to get out of the isolation room alone without your coercion. If the cat does not want to get out of the isolation room it's a sign the cat is not willing to adapt to his new environment. You have to be patient until the cat is willing to adapt to the new environment.

Pet cargo Open

To help the cat adaptation you can do by opening the pet cargo used during the trip. When you get home you can let the pet cargo open and let the cat out by itself. If you force it to get out it's a sign you are forcing it to adapt. Let the cat can adapt by itself.

Avoid Other Animals

If you can not adapt to the new environment, never close the cat with other animals. Closing the cat with other animals can cause cat adaptation to be disturbed. Cats are also easily stressed if around him there are animals that can interfere with comfort and also his safety. Cats hate dogs and snakes. Both animals can not be friends with cats so do not be surprised if the cat becomes stressed and aggressive when the two animals are in the house.

Do not Direct Food

To be able to help her adaptation do not just give her food. Foods in cats will actually make the cat becomes stressful and aggressive. Let the cat know its new environment first. If it is a little adaptable start to give it food. At least you can just give it food 1 hour after your cat is in the new house.

Caressing Cats

In order for the cat to feel not alone when in the new environment, you can caress the cat. Stroking cats will channel your affection to the cat. Cats love caresses and soft touch. Believe the cat fur gently and lovingly.

Surround the Home Room

The way your cat becomes easy to adapt to his new home is to let your cat surround his new home environment. Cats will recognize their new environment within one to two weeks. If there are other animals that exist in the new environment the cat takes a longer time to adapt to dogs, snakes and other animals.

Let the Cats Alone

In order to more easily adapt to the new environment, you can let your cat alone is in your home. Leave for an hour up to two hours in the house so the cat can recognize the environment well.

Types of Cats

If you keep a male cat then the adaptation does not take a long time. In contrast to the female cat where the adaptation takes longer time compared to the male cat. That's because the female cat needs comfort and tranquility so that she can be overcome well.

Old Equipment

When you adopt a cat from someone else, it's good if you also ask for old equipment. For example, is a place to eat, drink and a sandbox that is used to defecate. Cats will recognize the old equipment compared to the new equipment. If you bring old cat equipment then the cat will easily recognize which places to eat, drink and defecate. When a cat does not recognize its new place then the cat will starve and the worse is the cat will easily defecate carelessly.


How to help the cat to adapt next is to take your cat around the house. You can drag a rope around his neck so the cat does not run. You can see how your cat responds to its new surroundings.

So some ways to help adapt cats you can do, hopefully, this information useful.

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