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Chow Chow Dog Health Problems and Physical Appearances

Before you decide to adopt this Chow chow dog, you should consider the health problems of chow chow dogs.

Types of health problems chow chow dog

These dogs tend to suffer from irritation of the eyes. Pet health experts refer to this problem as Entropion. This problem is caused by abnormalities of the eyelids. Of course, this disease can be cured by surgery. However, you must also take into account the costs and impact of the operation.

Types of health problems chow chow dog
chow chow

The health problems of other chow chow dogs suffered such as hip dysplasia, stomach cancer, Acute Skin Inflammation, and ear infections. The size of the muzzle is quite short compared to other races, then you will often hear this Chow chow race snoring. This is fair.

The average age of this Chow chow dog race reaches up to 8 years. However, if you become an excellent adopter and take into account everything about this dog's care, then the Chow chow race can survive for up to 10 years. Moreover, this dog is also very happy if you have a regular training that will make the whole circulation and movement of the body for the better. Health chow chow like this dog should also be considered to apply the ideal treatment.

Broadly speaking, this Chow chow race has a pretty fat body. When you look at a glance, the dog's feather shape is like a male lion. This is because the front feather is thicker than other parts. Physical appearance is quite different than other races will usually affect the health of chow chow dog. Here are the details of the physical appearance of chow chow dogs, such as:

1. Size of dog Chow chow

In male dogs have a height of about 48-56 cm and females have a size of about 46-51 cm. This measure is calculated from the ground to the back.

2. The shape of Chow Chow's head of race

At the top of the head of this Chow chow dog, race looks more flat and wide. This head shape will also make the fur look thicker and form like a male lion. The size of the muzzle or the mouth is quite sedan and thick. This dog has a pretty big nose. Things that may give an attractive appearance are black-colored gums and tongue in dogs that make them very loyal. The eyes on this Chow chow dog are medium-sized and dark in color. The ear is facing forward and has a small size and thick enough.

 3. Body parts of the Chow chow dog

This dog race has muscles and neck bones are very strong but medium-sized. On the chest looks quite deep and bloated. You will enjoy the scenery when the tail section is attached to the back. This is because the location of the tail is quite high.

4. Fur on the Chow chow race

You should pay attention to the feathers and colors on the Dog Chow chow race. This race has two types of feathers consisting of short hair (very fine) and coarse hair. Some of the feathers on the dog Chow chow consists of black, brown (red), dark gray (blue), fawn, cream, and white.

5. Foot shape for Chow chow race

Legs on medium-sized Chow chow dogs, rounded soles, elbows on back legs tend to be straight. This makes the Chow Chow dog has very short footsteps and looks stiff.
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