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How to Give Eye Drops to Cats

No cats are curbed and see a large drop of water falling right into his eyes. As a result, you may feel you should go to the veterinarian to give you eye drops to the cat. However, with patience and mild restraint, the administration of eye drops can be done at home. It may take a few attempts before the cat fits well, but the two cat eyes will become much healthier after successful eye drops.

How to Give Eye Drops to Cats
How to Give Eye Drops to Cats

Holding Cats

1. Hold the cat on your thighs.

How well you can hold a cat will play a major role in the success of drops. One way is to hold the cat on your thighs. When the cat lies casually on your thighs, place one of your hands on the cat's body to hold its motion. The body length of the cat should lean on your abdomen.
  • You can sit anywhere that is comfortable for you: sofa, chair, bed, etc.
  • The arm holding the cat should be your non-dominant hand. For example, if you are left-handed, use your right hand to hold the cat.
  • If you feel a cat will scratch, wrap a cat with a towel until only his head is sticking out.
  • If you want to sit on the floor but trying to hold the cat over the thighs fails miserably, try setting the position so that the cat is sandwiched between the knees and cannot escape.

2. Put the cat on the table or high surface.

Perhaps giving eye drops is easier and more convenient when done on a surface that is approximately waist-high. If the surface is a bit slippery, stretch out the towel first so the cat does not slip. You can also wrap the cat in a towel.
  • It may take several attempts to determine the best method

3. Position the cat's head.

In giving eye drops, you need to keep the cat silent with your "non-dominant" hands. Put this thumb on the side of the cat's jaw and the other fingers on the other side. Thus, the cat's head should be held firmly in your hand, which is under the cat's chin.
  • Tilt the cat's head up so that eye drops are easier to administer

Provide Eye Drops

1. Clean the cat's eyes.

In order for eye drops to work effectively, cat eyes should be free of waste substances. If necessary, clean the cat's eyes by giving a little sterile eye cleaning solution on the cotton swab and wipe it around the cat's eye.
  • Together with eye drops, your veterinarian should have prescribed an eye cleansing solution to you.

2. Open the cat eyelids.

Use the non-dominant thumbs hand to pull the petals over the cat's eye. Thus, a small pouch that can be applied to eye medicine.
  • Although practical, eye drops should not be dripped into eye bags. Eye drops will spread throughout the eyes of the cat. Therefore, you should not worry about the location of the drug sites in the eyes of a cat.

3. Place the tip of the bottle of drops above the cat's eye.

Hold the tip of the medicine bottle about 2 cm above the cat's eye. The tip of the medicine bottle should not touch the cat's eyes. The eyes of your cat are not only irritated, the tip of the bottle drops will also be contaminated.
  • If you want, shoot the tip of the drops bottle into your thumb-sized eye bag.
  • Probably, it will help if you rest your dominant palm base on the cat's head. This will allow you to snap the droplets properly and prevent the tip of the bottle of drops from accidentally touching the cat's eyes.
  • Place the bottle cap on a clean surface.

4. Give eye drops.

Squeeze the bottle and immediately apply the medicine to the cat's eye according to the amount of drip prescribed. Be careful, lest you drip more medicine than prescribed.
  • If both cats need to be treated, repeat the same procedure to drip the medicine into the other eye.
  • If your cat is restless and fussy, try again when the cat is calmed down somewhat. Do not be forced, because the cat's eyes can accidentally hit the tip of the bottle of eye drops.

Knowing What To Do After Giving Eye Drops

1. Calm your cat. 

Although already calm when given eye medicine, the possibility of cats do not want to remain silent after eye medication is given. In fact, the cat will start wanting to wipe his eyes. Cats should be restrained gently until eye medication seeps into the cat's eye.

2. Do not massage cat's eyes.

Perhaps, you think the eye remedies will be more easily spread if the cat's eyes are massaged. [20] However, eye drops can spread quickly by itself. Your cat can enjoy eye massage after drug delivery, but from a medical standpoint, this is not necessary.

3. Give a snack to the cat.
A great way to distract a cat after eye drops is to use a good snack. Your cat will love a delicious snack, such as a small piece of tuna, after being patient when giving eye drops. You can also arrange the time of administration of the drug close to meal time so that the cat can be given rewards for eating after his eyes are treated.
  • Cats may need to be treated several times a day, so use snacks wisely. Do not let the cats full of snacks whenever given eye drops.

4. Notice the symptoms of discomfort in cats.

Usually, eye drops do not feel comfortable with cats. Often, cats will blink a lot after their eyes have been spilled on the medicine. However, if the medicine interferes, the cat will wipe the eyes with his feet or even with the floor. Contact your veterinarian if the cat is so disturbed by the eye drops.


  • Giving eye drops can be quite challenging. Keep trying
  • Ask for advice from a vet if the cat is very resistant to be treated.
  • Consider asking a friend for help holding a cat or eye drops.
  • Eye disorders tend to recover quickly. Although signs of healing have been seen, continue the administration of eye medicine according to the veterinarian's instructions.
  • Cats can bite or scratch when given eye drops. Keep the cat wrapped in a towel so as not to bite and scratch you.

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