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Recognize symptoms and eye sore for dogs

Recognize symptoms and eyesore for dogs - Provision of such drugs should be adjusted to the health conditions and eye diseases suffered. The dose given to the dog will also have an effect on the effects of the drug itself. Giving eye medication to this dog will usually be adjusted to the symptoms of eye pain in dogs. You should know all the symptoms of eye pain suffered by dogs to get a better dose of the drug. Usually, eye pain in dogs will have an impact on the outer part of the eye. However, some dogs also have inflamed eyes that can cause permanent blindness

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Symptoms of eye pain in dogs that must be wary of

Symptoms of eye pain suffered in dogs will usually be influenced by internal and external factors. Various bacteria attached to the dog's eye can be one cause of excessive eye pain. However, environmental conditions also affect the eye condition for dogs. Here are the symptoms of eye pain in dogs that you should know:

1. The dog's eye drains too much water

The watery eyes experienced by some racial dogs usually occur due to severe inflammation. Conditions like this will also give a bad influence on all parts of the body. Usually, the dog will also try to rub the eyes. This happens because the tears that come out due to inflammation out too much and will interfere with vision. You should take action by cleaning the eyes so that various bacteria or viruses do not stick to the eye.

2. The eyes are reddened excessively

Some race dogs who experience excessive eye pain will usually experience drastic changes to eye conditions. The whole eye will blush and the outside of the eyes also looks swollen. One cause of such red eyes usually occurs because of the length of the feathers around the eyes. As a result, eyes like pierced feathers and blocking the view. However, some dogs also experience red eyes like because of a virus or bacteria attached to the eye. You can drop your eye medicine directly or consult a veterinarian.

3. Part of the eye on the dog swell

There are many viruses and bacteria that can stick to the dog's eye. As a result, the bacteria will attack the eye and provide pain that is quite painful. To reduce the pain, you can persuade the dog by compressing the eye with a soft cloth. It also serves to clean all parts of the eye that drains water. If the condition worsens, you should check with your veterinarian. Eyes that continue to swell usually give a very bad effect on the health of the body.

When the dog suffers from a torturous eye pain you can do first aid by giving eye drops. However, eye pain medication for this dog also has a predetermined dose. In addition, the condition of the body and the eye in the dog usually have an impact on the provision of this drop drug. You will only give this eye remedy when the dog is irritated or mild inflammation. If the eye condition in dogs is too severe, you should check with your veterinarian. This is done to prevent the impact of dog's eye pain is getting worse to cause blindness.

The composition of each eye pain medication to be administered to the dog will be different. You should know all the compositions and effects that arise when applied to the eye of the dog. In addition, the side effects of eye medications for dogs are also different and adjusted for age and body condition.

The following are the types of eye sore medications that can be given to dogs, such as:

1. Tricin or often called Trixie

Eye pain medication for this dog is given when the condition of all parts of the eye looks quite bad. Usually, this drug is given when the dog has severe inflammation. Inflammation of the eye that attacks the dog usually also causes injury. Eye drops for this dog can also be given to all parts of the eye including on the wound. You can drip 3-4 times in one day when the eye condition is severe enough. However, if the condition improves, the dosage of the given drug should be reduced. In addition, you should also stop giving these eye medications if the inflammation in the eyes of the dog is getting worse.

2. Tears Naturale drops

This drug is one of the types that is often given when the dog is experiencing eye pain. You can get this medicine in the clinic or the veterinarian. Some veterinarians say that eye drops are usually always given to older dogs. This is because dogs at a very old age will experience a deficit in tear production. This condition makes the eyes of the dog will be more vulnerable to inflammation or irritation. You can give this drip with a dose of 1 time every day within a week. If within a week of inflammation or irritation of the dog is not reduced, immediately do the veterinary examination.

3. Penologist drops

Drops like this you can use on the eyes of irritated or inflamed dogs and for the ears of dogs who have deep wounds. This drip is considered to reduce pain due to irritation of the eyes and ears. However, drops such as these are considered to have better benefits when used in dog ears. So you can use this drops after cleaning the dog's ears. The recommended dosage for this drops is 1 time a day.

Of course, you have the opportunity to avoid various eye diseases in dogs. This can be started by keeping the whole body clean in dogs. You should regularly clean all feathers around your eyes. In addition, some feathers that have an excess length should be cut so as not to interfere with the eyes on the dog. Moreover, feathers that tend to dirty on the dog's eye will become a hotbed of bacteria or viruses that are very easy to attack the dog's eye

The environment around the dog is very dirty can be one cause of dogs experiencing irritation or inflammation of the eyes. You can clean all parts of the cage for 1 week. Such cleansing will also avoid various bacteria or dirt attached to the body part, especially on the part of the dog's eye. In addition, very clean cages also offer better comfort in dogs. The important thing to remember is that some of the bacteria attached to the dog's eye are usually quickly transmitted to other dogs.

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