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3 Types Of A Good Vaccine For Persian Cats And Angora

3 Types Of A Good Vaccine For Persian Cats And Angora - Vaccines for Persian Cats and Angora - Cats are one of the most spoiled and human-friendly animals. Therefore, a lot of Indonesian people who choose cats as pets, especially from the type of angora and Persia. You need to know, caring for a cat is not as easy as you'd imagine! Lots of things to note, especially health affairs.

Well, cat health is very important because if the body is not healthy of course can bring various diseases. This disease is not only harmful to cats but also endangers their owners who often have direct contact with these animals. So, how to keep the cat healthy? Let's identify the following types of vaccines for Angora and Persia:

3 Types Of A Good Vaccine For Persian Cats And Angora
Vaccines for Persian cats and Angora

List of Vaccines For Cat Race Anggora and Persia

 1. Tricat vaccine

This vaccine is given to Angora and Persia since the age of 8-10 weeks from birth. Cat vaccine is used to prevent your pet cat from the dangers of Feline panleukopenia disease, Feline rhinotracheitis, and Feline calicivirus. Before giving this vaccine, the cat first checked by the doctor. Then, given the tricat vaccine and the last stage will be given worm medicine.

 2. Tetracat vaccine

Basically, the tetracat and tricat vaccines are almost the same. However, the function of this vaccine is different. Tetracat vaccine is useful to keep away from the disease Feline panleukopenia, Feline rhinotracheitis, Feline calicivirus, and Chlamydia. This vaccine can be given from 8 weeks to 14 weeks. The stages of the vaccine are also the same as the tricat vaccine, but there is no worming drug when the age has entered 12 weeks.

3. Rabies Vaccine

Rabies does not lurk dogs, but cats can also get rabies. This rabies attacks the cat's immune and infects anyone who is in direct contact with it. If the cat has been indicated rabies, try to always use gloves to avoid salivation or bite. To avoid this, give the rabies vaccine from the age of 20 weeks.

If your cat is more than 6 months old and has not been vaccinated at all, then immediately take it to the doctor to get a check first. You should immediately give him all three vaccines so that the body of the angora and Persia remain healthy.

that is the vaccine for cats Angora and Persia that must be given to avoid the disease. In addition to providing vaccines, you should consider the nutritional content of food and body hygiene. Give your best to your Angora and Persian cat
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